Breyer’s : Business as Usual

Holy Toledo Batman!  Is that really All-Natural Ice Cream?  Even the carton that says it is all-natural ice cream?…

A couple of developments along the Breyer’s front that I’d like to share before they melt…. although Frozen Dairy Dessert goes a lot longer without melting than does ice cream!  Perhaps that is the sole positive about frozen dairy dessert, if you don’t mind the gummy taste or un-natural ingredients.

At any rate, astute reader DMC in DC informed me and Little Sis that a class action lawsuit was filed against Breyer’s  because of the presence of processed ingredients (in particular alkalized cocoa) in their “all-natural” ice cream.  There is supposed to be a final fairness hearing on September 12.  Hey that was yesterday!!  I’ll let you know if I learn anything more.  Unfortunately it is too late to file a claim, which according to DMC is no accident, i.e. the $2.5 million that Breyer’s promised in restitution will not be fully distributed because there isn’t enough time for claimants to file, but I have no dates for the original posting so don’t know if they were extra bad or not.

Clearly, the ingredients of our food is catching our attention.  So many of you have commented on this issue.  We get hits from all over the world everyday on the Breyer’s posts.  People don’t like that these changes were made despite a product reputation for wholesomeness built over decades of our purchases.

We all need a wake up call now and then, don’t we?  I sure did.

Dissenting Democrat, a fellow wordpress blogger mentioned us in his blog because he too is disappointed by Breyer’s, er… Unilever’s desertion of the Breyer’s model of a good, all natural product.  He tells us he likes politics, but he LOVES ice cream.  Real ice cream that is.  You can check out his blog here.