Garden Gear Up

I can’t BELIEVE I am doing this again.  After last year’s near zero production desert stink bug fiasco, I SWORE up and down that I would not plant food again this year.  Something about a warm winter makes it hard to stick to it.  I SWORE I wouldn’t buy any new seeds, only use old seeds….  yeah.  I SWORE I wouldn’t buy any new equipment or planting medium because I would be making all of it myself…  Again, so much for that.  The irony is that so far… and I am taking a HUGE risk by admitting this, so far my seedlings look better than they have ever before.  Last year’s experiments with temperature control and lighting have made a huge difference.  And some quick reading on the internets has convinced me that I have probably been screwing up my vegetables in years past with too much compost and too little other soil… So I suppose what’s happened is that I’m convinced that this time it’s going to be different.  I kind of want to throw up even hearing myself say that; it sounds too much like a toxic relationship.  But, given how I feel about most of what I find at the store, and the fact that I really would rather eat organic if I can, and that the kids asked when we were going to plant the garden…  What do you do with that?  So here I am, with compost and soil in the car and seedlings galore on my improvised light stand, watching my planting calendar (which I got from these amazing ladies). The next few days will be the big push – getting seeds in the ground and getting that ground ready and balanced and healthy. I’m excited… and trying to maintain minimal expectations. Photos of seed starting setup, seedlings, and veggie patch to come!