Stonyfield YoBaby Recalled for Coliform

FSNBWhile I don’t eat yogurt, I know from visits to the school cafeteria that many families rely on yogurt cups for school lunches. Details here. If you do use yogurt cups, I’d encourage you to try mixing your own so you can control the amount of sweet stuff in there. If you’re nervous about the other things that apparently might be in there, look into making your own yogurt – apparently it’s easy peasy lemon squeeze-y. Eat well, be well friends.

Chobani Recalls Yogurt Cups

FSNBWell, I’ll be darned, it was more than just a “quality concern” after all. Okay, it’s not listeria, but mold is not something I’m interested in finding under the foil. If you’ve got some, check the details and check your packages, tell a friend. Eat well, be well.

Chobani Pulls Yogurt Cups

FSNBThey say it’s not a recall, but they have “quality concerns”. They sound like me when I’m trying not freak my kids out. “We’re just gonna go in the basement for a while so we don’t have to hear the storm.” If you are a Chobani fan, check your fridge, tell your friends. Details here. Eat well, be well.