Sickly Sweet History

I think it’s no mystery to those of you have been following along that the Sis sisters think cutting sugar is a great first (second, third and twelfth) step for charging down the road to a healthier you.  What many folks don’t realize is that our consumption of sugar has skyrocketed over the last few decades.  I was surprised, and a little horrified, to read about some of the marketing strategies that helped us get so comfortable with our sickeningly sweet friend.  Maddie Oatman provided this fascinating timeline of our commercial history with sugar  – an interesting and troubling read.

As we approach yet another holiday, we will be surrounded by the sweet stuff.  If you want some tips on cutting sugar from your everyday meals, take a look at our sugar busting series of posts, or make a decision to baby step it out of your diet starting now.  Am I saying I won’t be having some sweets later in the month?  No, no way, not a chance.  I AM saying I’m going to do what I can until then to eat as healthfully as possible, appreciating the goodness of naturally sweet and savory food. We’ll have more to say in the coming weeks about how to make it through the holiday healthfully, but for now, give that sugar bowl the boot, or at least give it the cold shoulder now and again – it doesn’t deserve you.

3 responses

  1. I completely agree! I used to be a sugar ADDICT to the extreme, but as I eat healthier, less processed foods I find that I don’t even crave sugar any more! Crazy what the food industry does to us!

    • So many LOUD sugar messages out there. I didn’t realize how EVERYWHERE it was until I had kids and then they went to school. I find now that most sweets are actually TOO sweet for me – hoping to keep them in that boat, but it’s hard. I agree that the cravings diminish over time. Thanks for stopping by!

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