Have you started your seeds? I’ve decided to ignore most of the available wisdom this year and have started 3 weeks earlier in an effort to beat the early heat we had last year. I imagine this will turn out to be some kind of mistake, but I have to play the odds somehow, and if I can lean in the direction of a longer growing season, I’m in! I thought I’d reblog my tips on starting seeds from last year in case you’re considering diving in and would like to have some success right off the bat rather than wandering in the intuitive wilderness as I did. 😉 Spring is coming – get your fingers in some dirt and get yourself some veggies!

my sister's pantry

Or Learn From My Mistakes…

One of the glories of spring – watching those little green bits poke out of the soil, transforming from a hard little pebble into something that may well be able to feed you.  Miraculous.  Especially when it works.  In the past I have not had good luck with starting from seed and it took lots of reading for me to realize that I am not alone.  Most gardening guides tell you right off the bat that starting from seed, while potentially rewarding and money-saving, can be very frustrating.  In the past I have started seeds, used the few plants that worked out, and bought seedlings for the rest.  I have, however, made minor adjustments over the years and for the first time – and I am reluctant to say anything and jinx the outcome – I seem to be growing several plants that might actually…

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