Small Victories

It was NOT our best day.  Several home repair dilemmas have emerged simultaneously leaving us with limited and inconvenient bathing options.  Sunrise is creeping forward and my darling daughter believes in making the most of daylight.  Mommy and Daddy are not so quick to adjust their schedules and are both engrossed in good bedtime books, so we began our day of interrupted repairs with inadequate sleep.  My little sweetie also decided that today was one of THOSE days.  One of those days where she really is not interested in eating, or at least where she really is not interested in eating anything I provide.  I try not to get sucked into drama about it, but she’s not very pleasant to be around when she doesn’t eat… so you see the problem.  And a sleepy Mommy is probably not as clever in thinking of ways to deal with the situation.  So we finally arrived at dinner and quite honestly I was completely beat.  Done.  Finito.  Needless to say my extensive and totally awesome homemade dinner (homemade whole wheat tortillas and veggie chili) was not her favorite.  We struggled through without much drama, mostly because I was too tired to engage.  But wait, there is a good part to the story.  As we neared the end of dinner, I remembered that I bought some beautiful strawberries yesterday.  I also remembered that our fridge LOVES to freeze strawberries, so they shouldn’t wait.  I rinsed and destemmed them, brought a simple bowlful to the table.    I put them down and my wonderful daughter said, “Oh Mommy!  Is that dessert?”  And she meant it.  She was happy because we had a big luscious bowl of fresh strawberries with no cool whip, sprinkles, fruity goo, or high fructose corn syrup slop anywhere in sight.  She and her brother dug in and made great glorious real food-loving sounds.  Small victories in a bowl of strawberries.

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  1. Wonderful! We too had a simple, food-related victory today. Our THOSE days, are when my older, but not much wiser-yet son asks what we’re having for each meal in a voice full of challenge and readiness to condemn without tasting. I hate the condemnation without tasting, Yes the CW/OT approach to mealtimes pisses me off every time. At any rate, I was preparing Bee Bim Bop, a Korean dish that we discovered in a children’s book many years ago which has become a family favorite. Only hitch was that I had a very large bag of kale to use and so substituted kale for the usual spinach. I also, in a fit of overconfidence, added mung bean sprouts from my first foray with a new sprouter. I handed him the bowl with trepidation but we survived the trip to the table without incident. Kale looks much like spinach mixed in with rice, carrots, chicken and egg strips. He didn’t notice the bean sprouts. He didn’t look hard. He just took a bite and said, “Mmmm. That’s good.” Perhaps the fact that we were watching the documentary “Food Matters” distracted him from visually inspecting his meal, but I’ll take it! (Not that I recommend eating dinner in front of the tube, but we indulge in something educational with dinner some evenings – please don’t tell anyone…)

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