Weekly Meal Plan 1/12-1/18

Eight years ago today the sonographer asked if I thought I could cry when the obstetrician came in to examine me. Being 38 weeks pregnant with robust sized twins I squeaked out: “You betcha,” before I started crying right then and there. An hour later we were headed to the hospital and our lives were changed forever. Today as we celebrate an “ice day” here in mid-Maryland, which for those of you in different climates means the roads were deemed impassable early this morning and are now simply wet, I am also attempting to wrap a present or two, bake a cake, salvage the brownies I made to take to school and plan our meals for the week, all of these with a lot more company than I had planned to have. 🙂 Ice day aside, we shall celebrate, and celebrate well as we always do. And I will watch in amazement as these little creatures become more and more like big independent people… who need to eat, so let’s get on with this thing, shall we?

Monday: Zucheesy Noodles, green salad, and birthday cake made using this cupcake recipe

Tuesday: Nutshroom Burgers, roasted potatoes, green beans

Wednesday: Butternut Squash Soup, homemade bread, spreads (hummus, baba ganoush), green salad

Thursday: Rice Noodles with wilted Asian greens and chopped veggies

Friday: homemade pizza

Saturday: Mung Bean Stew, brown rice, green salad

Sunday: homemade pasta

lunchbox treats: birthday leftovers

Adult lunches: leftover soup and nutshroom burgers (double batch for freezing)


I hope your week is full of healthful food, joyful days, and plenty of rest. I have been putting myself to bed earlier for the last week or so and have noticed a big difference. In addition to thinking about better food (like in Baby Steps to Better Health: Winning the Battle with Junk Food for Families and Individuals), we’re turning our attention to a broader notion of well-being in our new series A Year of Well-Being. Join Us!

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